Wanna be part of the TOFOP Live experience but you can’t be there in person? Well, now you can!

(…Be part of the experience, I mean. Not be there in person. We’re not paying for airfares, alright? Get over it.)

TOFOP will be live streaming audio from the this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I know, we can’t believe it either.

By purchasing a pass for the low, low price of $5, you can hear our slipshod version of “entertainment”, live, as if you were there with everyone else. Except you can be nude if you want.

Best of all, the pass is valid for one month, so even if you miss it, you’ll have exclusive access to the show to listen to at your convenience.

ALSO we’ve put a dummy on stage with silicon ears and little microphones in those ears. This means the broadcast will be in 3D sound – so if you listen through headphones it will sound as if you are sitting on stage with us during the live broadcast!


  1. buy a live pass using Twitter/FB/gmail logins.
  2. come back here on or after April 9 2016 at 10:15pm Melbourne time.
  3. if you’re not automatically still logged in, log back in using the same details your bought the pass with.
  4. if you have any problems email Matt Saraceni – matt@omnystudio.com. He’ll do his best to give you access on the night (bare in mind he may be running around like a mad chook backstage), but any problems he’ll look after you and make sure you get to hear the show first! He can do refunds if you accidentally bought it twice or email you the secret listen link directly.
  5. if you see the word “monkey” below – you’ve done everything right and will be able to hear the stream on the night. Don’t forget your headphones when you listen.