TOFOP 146- Unlimitless

Wil and Charlie discuss being limited, special childhood skills, blue light discos, and the origin of the “Cleveland Steamer”… and you won’t believe what happens next!  

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TOFOP 144- AndoClause Productions

Wil and Charlie discuss the impending doomsday/American Presidential election, Charles being in charge of our days AND our nights, and Mulder & Scully vs. Hasselhoff & Eggert.   

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TOFOP 142- Remastered

Wil and Charlie are still recovering from travelling to the other side of Earth for the LA Podfest and then coming right back for the AFL Grand Final, and haven’t been able to get together. MicHAL, on the other hand, is always plugged in and has remastered some of the first few episodes of the show. Here are a few of his favorite selections.   

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TOFOP 140- Kenny Number One

Wil and Charlie discuss getting Junior’s attention, SpareSkin, Instagram anesthesia opportunities, and the ranking of the worlds greatest Kennys.  

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